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    We would really like to have a sorted view of our Fields. Preferably this sorts the fields on demand and also changes the order n the XML file.



    We have a base set of fields when we start working, but we quite often either paste in a set of new fields or add ones ourselves. We lose perspective of what fields we have.

    Also, iReport had this function.


    Why also in XML (unlike iReport sort function), so the sort only has to be done once, not continiously and when we open the file in external editors they are also sorted.


    Kind regards,

    Maarten @ Yesplan.

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    Hi,I've implemented two action to do this and they will be available in the next version. The first sort them only at visual level and it is continuous (it will continue to sort until it is enabled), and the other also at XML level but it act on demand (when used it will sort). There is this difference because the second one can be dangerous in some situations, since JasperReports has an order of evaluation of parameters/field/variables and changing the order at JRXML level could change also the outcome. To use the first simply right click on the fields node and select "sort alphabetically", for the other one you will need to enable the toolbar "Elements Order" from the preferences, then selecting a field you will have a toolbar with a button that can be clicked to sort the field.Both this actions works for parameters and variables too.
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