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  • JSS 5.6.1b Changing size of element in properties stops working after a while of use

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    After a while of using JSS, I can no longer change size of an element in the properties. This is preceded with the properties view bieng blang when I select an element in the editor. Sellecting the element in the Outline view returns the Propertes view. Changes made are not applied to the element and are reset when switching element selection.


    Jaspersoft Studio 5.6.1.SNAPSHOT.beta.v201407091526


    Kind regards,

    Maaren @ yesplan

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    This always happens after editing style properties through the inheritance view.--edit: Quick way to check wether the bug has been triggered: The Inheritance View will be blank when reselecting any element.
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    Hi, the problem is related to the NPE problems you experienced. Moreover we committed some fixes yesterday involving the Inheritance View too. I'm going to create a new build later today and upload it to the usual location.Regards,Massimo.
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