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  • JSS Takes a long time to remove multiple fields

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    When I select 5 or more fields, it can take 10s-30s to remove those fields.


    Kind regards,

    Maarten @ yesplan

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    Hi,I'm not able to reproduce your problem. I tried with the last integration build and my development stream. No problems or slowness detected. Can you please register a screencast of the operation?Because I tried to delete directly the fields (being prompted for a confirmation removal) and also I tried to remove the textfields containing an expression for the fields.Regards,Massimo.
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    Hi Massimo,Sorry for the late reply.Due to the large number of fields in a dataset, I easily underestimate how many I'm manipulating. At removing 50-100 fields JSS hangs shortly.I just tried deleting 500+ fields of my main dataset (only 1 field used) and let it run: I believe it was around 5-10 MINUTES before JSS unfroze.Few remarks:- Fields in the main dataset, not report elements- This was a mostly blank report (new one)- Within milliseconds it said a few fields were in use- Press continue and JSS froze for 5+ mins- Undo'ing the delete only took 1 sec- JSS beta build from 19 august- Mac OS 10.9 & Java 7Kind regards,Maarten @ Yesplan
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    Hi as said i was not able to reproduce it with fields, but i noticed that in a report with a lot of elements inside a container (like a band) if you delete more elements take a really long time to complete the operation.

    I've done fix to it and now in a band with about 450 element deleting 100 of them take about 6 seconds on my machine, that it's a resonable time. I'll write here when we do a new build with this fix, please test it with your report and let us know if you still have this problem-

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