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  • JSS 5.6.1 beta (and earlier) often locks me inside a list view

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    When I'm working with lists, I often get stuck inside that one list's view. Clicking any other open list view or the Main report doesn't do anything. Restart of JSS is necessary.


    Kind regards,

    Maarten @ Yesplan


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    Hi Maarten, do you have any related entries in the error log? Please attach it here if possible.I just tried in my local environment. No problems. II'll ask internally to test this too on a Mac OS X 10.9.3. Can you confirm the problematic version of JSS? Is it a 5.6.0.final or one of the latest integration build?Regards,Massimo.
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    Massimo,It happens irregularly, but since I work with lists in reports quite often still 1-3 times a day. I'll try and grab the log when it does.I'm at Mac OS X 10.9.4 already. I've had it both on the 5.6.0 release and 5.6.1.SNAPSHOT.beta.v201407010859
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    If you want a log, you'll have to guide me to the relevant settings/locations. Can't find one right now.


    I'm attaching a screencast of what I encounter. Running JSS 5.6.1 beta on Java 6 today.

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    Hi Maarten,

    for the log file do like this "Jaspersoft Studio > About Jaspersoft Studio > Installation Details (button) > Configuration (tab) > View Error Log (button)".

    It should open Firefox/Chrome/Safari showing the .log file.


    Best regards,


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