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  • Error flags are not cleared when .jrxml is corrected

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    Error flags are not cleared when .jrxml is corrected. This was also a problem with 5.5.1.


    It appears that the only way to clear error flags is to delete the .marker.snap file located at:





    Attachments: issueDetails.zip

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    Hi, the error marker should disappear always when the report is saved and the reappear when it is compiled (manually or by the automatic building) and there are errors. It isn't possible to remove the marker in realtime since the report must be compiled to know if there are errors. But compile the report is an heavy operation so we can't do it everytime the user change something.If you have a report that has the error marker that dosen't disappear on the save or that dosen't appear after a compile with error, then can you share it with us?
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    Attached is a sample file.

    This was showing an error flag.

    If I open Studio and compile the file, the error flag goes away - but if I then close and re-open Studio, the error flag is back.


    I've also attached a copy of .markers.snap





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    I've checked and for some reasons the marker are not persistents (even if they should be), i've fixed that however. Thanks for the help.
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