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  • System.out.println() doesn't print in Studio 5.5.x logs

    Assigned User Massimo Rabbi
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    We're using a custom provider plugin, which gives us feedback and debug logs through System.out.println().


    in iReport we have the System.out.println() printing in the console, however, the Studio doesn't print anything in the console/log from our provider plugin's System.out.println() messages.


    This is fairly critical for our work. If not for our designers, it is needed for our developers.


    Kind regards,


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    Hi, if you want to see the System.out.println() you have in your code, you should start from the command line the Jaspersoft Studio executable.But I would suggest also, you give a look at the following wiki article: http://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/configuring-apache-commons-logging-and-log4j-jaspersoft-studioRegards,Massimo.
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    Hi,Thank you for your feedback! This is a good temporary workaround.Would it be possible to reintegrate this feature into the Studio? Currently we very much depend on iReports, because it still shows System.out in the Console.Btw. the included executable (not the app) on the Mac can't find it's resources. Running the executable in the app/Contents/MacOS/ works fine.Kind regards,Maarten
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    Yes this can be done.Could you please open an enhancement request, asking for the specific feature?I will close this bug.Best regards,Massimo.
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