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  • List item's content not in outline view

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    It's really slow and complicated to with with list now, compared to iReport.


    No having the ability to view and arrange the items in a list while viewing the page is a huge slow on our productivity. Eventhough being able to focus inside is really nice, as an adition not as a replacement.


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    Due to JSS sometimes unclearly pasting new items inside a list, I have absolutely no way of telling where I pasted. I've been working for 30min until I opened the file in iReport only to discover that there was a list hiding inside another list. Causing all kinds of Parameter and scope issues.
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    All versions since I started using JSS (5.5.0 to 5.6.1b).


    Separate feature request, that would mediate some of the friction caused by the list not showing it's contents on report level, is to have the error and warnings on the same quality as in iReport. In iReport we have the ability to double click the error and get pointed to the element with the error on it.

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    Sorry, I misinterpreted the comment #3. Well let's say that for List, Crosstab and Table component we chose to go for the separate editor only.We will discuss internally about the chance to implement this feature. For I now let's say that it works like that by design.Regards,Massimo.
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    if you double click on errors in problems view, JSS will try to open expression. But it's not always possible (in iReport too) for example in case of groovy language.
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