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  • Can't enter rbg values in color picker dialog

    Assigned User morlandin
    CategoryBug report

    In color picker dialog, I'm able to select color using the mouse, but I'm not able to enter 1 digit in the RGB fields. Example, I can enter "2" but not "217".

    I have to edit the jrxml source to select my colors. Users aren't going to like this "new" feature too much.


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    This happens because when you input a digit the text already in the box is automatically selected (and this is the real bug), and when you press the next number then it will substitute all the selected text. This is obviously annoying but there is no need to edit the JRXML, you only need to deselect the text before input a new number, like you see in this video http://screencast.com/t/Jrw0nRPo. However this suggestion is valid until when the new version will come out, because i'm working on it and it will be fixed by the end of the day.
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    Thanks. Just tested what you've said and I was able to enter the value even as I have to keep pressing the right arrow key after each entry.
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