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  • Delete Table Styles does not work

    Assigned User morlandin
    CategoryBug report

    After adding a table to a report, you can "Remove Styles" on the right click menu.


    But the "Delete also the style elements" operation does not work - the styles remain in the report.


    Also if you delete the table, the related styles in the report do not get deleted.

    Attachments: issueDetails.zip

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    Changed Assigned User from - to @morlandin

    Hi, when you select the option to delete the styles, and you continue to see them in the table, but you see them also in the outline view?Because i've found and fixed a bug about the table refresh: what happens was that the style were unlinked or deleted correctly but the tables continue to look with the styles because the element was not repainted. I want to understand if your bug is related to this refresh problem or if it's a different one.About the table that dosen't delete the styles when it is deleted that is the normal behavior, because maybe the user has spent time on that styles and he dosen't want to delete them, because maybe he want to reuse them in the future. Adding a popup question everytime he deletes a table or a crosstab will be annoying, even because the time needed to delete manually the styles is probably the same one necessary to read the question and click yes or no.
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