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  • Error in SQL Dialog

    Assigned User chicuslavic
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    Component: 10310

    I have a problem to create my SQL statement in my report, when I select the tables in the SQL dialog creates the SQL statement including all tables therefore selected and I can see the information correctly, but when I close the dialog and SQL back open, all fields are assigned only to the first table I selecione and loses the other tables. example:


    Select articulos.clave, articulos.desc, inventario.existencia, inventario.precio where inventario.clave = articulo.clave


    This sentence also use two SQL tables: articulos, inventario but when I open the SQL dialog all fields are referenced to the articulos table


    Select articulos.clave, articulos.desc, articulos.existencia, articulos.precio where articulos.clave = articulo.clave


    This happens in version 5.6 beta release that day January 10, 2014

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