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  • Not able to connect to Jasper Studio with PI JDBC Driver

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    We are trying to work with OSIsoft - PI server data in Jasper Soft reports using PI JDBC Driver.


    JDBC URL: jdbc:pisql://adspip.adshyd.com/Data Source =adspip.adshyd.com ; Integrated Security=SSPI


    We are not able to connect to Jasper Studio with PI JDBC Driver, but

    We are able to connect to DB Visualizer tool with same PI JDBC Driver

    PFA for screens of Jasper Studio connection error and DB Visualizer connection success.


    PI server is NOT a "free ware" and log details are also



    Please do the needful.


    Thanks in advance.



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    Hi Venkat,can you please specify the exact version of the OSISoft PI Server you used? Also JDBC driver details (jar name, download url if any).I will ask if we have some installation we can test with. If yes, we will try to debug and solve.Best regards,Massimo.
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