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  • Error in Beta Version 5.6

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    In the Beta version of the product Jasper Studio No. jaspersoftstudio-5.6.0.SNAPSHOT.beta.v201401101537-windows-installer-x86_64, there is an error in the dataset and query dialog, and that in developing the SQL expression and save the dataset, to reopen does not respect all the tables that were added in the SQL statement and just put the first table I chose.




    Select articulos.cve_articulo, articulos.desc_articulo, inventario.cantidad from items, stock where inventario.cve_articulo = articulos.cve_articulo.


    when I open the Dataset dialog and query again, the SQL statement is incorrect and just take the first table as follows:


    Select articulos.cve_articulo, articulos.desc_articulo, articulos.cantidad from items where articulo.cve_articulo = articulo.cve_articulo



    As seen just take the first table and all the fields related to the first table and the second table loses.

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