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  • How to create Drill Down Reports using JasperSoft Studio

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    It is mentioned on the website that for the Community Edition, Interactive Report Viewing and OLAP Server feature are available which create interactive reports. I have downloaded, installed and made some static reports with the Community Edition of JasperSoft Studio. I am wondering how to create interactive or drill-down reports using Community Edition of Jaspersoft Studio. There are some sample reports of SugarCRM where are interactive on JasperSoft Server. Is it possible to make such highly interactive reports using Community Edition or are they limited to the Commercial Edition. Can you also re-direct me to any videos which guide me how to make interactive reports using Studio and that can be published to the Server and the end-user should be able to select the fields or the criteria using filters and then, it should dynamically pull the data as per the criteria given by the user? If you can advise me with this, our team would have a better idea about the solutions offered by Jaspersoft.




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    PDuvvuri,I answered your question in the post you made on the Q&A section http://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/820276/interactive-report-capability-jaspersoft-server-community-edition This section is for reporting Bugs and Issues with Jaspersoft Studio not for asking questions.Thanks!!
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