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  • Cannot change Pattern from blank in Advanced Properies

    Assigned User morlandin
    CategoryBug report

    Although the Pattern can be changed from blank in the Text Field tab in Properties, it cannot be changed from blank in the Advanced tab in Properties.

    (This was originally entered in the Answers section)

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    Changed Reproducibility from Always to N/A

    Hi, with the last public build (5.5.0 final) i'm unable to reproduce the bug. I've done a video (http://screencast.com/t/1mraVGmh) so you can tell me if i've done the correct steps to get it.Hpwever are you using the pro or the community version of Jaspersoft Studio? Which operative system are you using?Best Regards Orlandin Marco
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    I am using the Community version 5.5.0final.

    To reproduce - add a new field to Detail (so Pattern will be blank), then select it and choose Advanced in Properties. Use ... on Pattern, then on Pattern popup window select Date then any date pattern - nothing is put into the Pattern field on the Pattern popup window.

    If you type something into the Pattern on the Pattern popup window - it is not shown on the Pattern property after the window is closed.

    However, if you enter into the Pattern directly on the Advanced Properties window it works.

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    Changed Reproducibility from N/A to Always

    Changed Resolution from Open to Fixed

    Changed Status from New to Resolved

    Hi, i've found and fixed the bug. Thanks for spotting it.Best Regards Marco Orlandin
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