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  • ClassNotFoundException even after I add jar at Build Path

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    When I add extenals jars at Java Build Path/Libraries, Query Dialog is able to read classes fields from these jars and some of these fields type are another classes in the same jars.


    If I set a TextField with one of these fields whose type is other class of external jar, when I build project I get ClassNotFoundException error.


    I'm attaching files to reproduce this issue. I'm also send a print screen of message.

    Attachments: test_rpt.zip

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    Hi just tested in my dev environment.It works fine. I think your problem has been fixed since 5.2. A lot of classpath related changes have been introduced.Today JasperReports 5.5.0 was released. We are in the process of finalizing bits for the Community version of JSS.I think we are going to release it tomorrow, or at worst on Monday.Then you can check it out and verify that it is solved.Best regard,Massimo.
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