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  • the bug after installed the jasperreport studio

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    after drop the updatesite of jasperreport studio into the folder of eclipse "dropins", I can't open all the file except the jrxml file,

    ex:when I open the java source file in eclipse, the eclipse open a error dialog which said "An error has occurred. See error log for more details.


    Attachments: issueDetails.zip

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    Hi, I can imagine you are talking about the fullsite.zip file.This is supposed to be used as an archive update site. Therefore the correct procedure involves the usage of the Install Manager.Help > Install New Software > Add > Archive and select the zip file.I tested locally with an Eclipse 3.7 for Java developers from scratch and it worked fine without any problems. Best regards,Massimo.
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    Thanks very much! I have solved it and it works well!best wishes to you!
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