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  • Closing Studio with an unsaved report generates an error and closes without confirmation

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    We are finding that when you click on the [X] (close button) for Jaspersoft Studio and if you have unsaved changes, there is a brief confirmation dialog, then a brief 'Problem occurred' and then Jaspersoft Studio closes with any changes being lost.


    In our case, we are opening the report from the JasperReports Server via the repository window (if that matters). Reproducing it:


    1) Open studio

    2) Open a report from within the repository view window

    3) Make a minor change to the report

    4) Press the [X] (close window) button


    You see the outline of the save/cancel box, that is quickly overlaid with the Problem occurred box and then it closes (all in about 1-2 seconds)


    We are running under Ubuntu 12.04 Linux systems.

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    Hi,the problem has been fixed: it was caused by a wrong premature dispose of the SWT resources during the pre-shutdown phase of the product.Right now the invocation has been moved to the stop phase of one of the base plugin (JR one).Will be available in the next version.Best regards,Massimo.
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