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  • Compatibility Check Only Works from Design Tab, Not Source Tab

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    When specifying a version other than "Last Version" in project-specific or Studio preferences the setting is ignored if file save occurs from "Source" tab as opposed to the "Design" tab.


    Test by changing the version to a version other than "Last Version," then check the "Show Compatability warning dialog" checkbox. Make a change and save from "Design" tab - you will see that the compatibility dialog appears, and if you look at the resulting source you can see the comment similar to "." Do the same thing from the source tab and you will not get the compatibility dialog and a comment will appear in the source indicating ""

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    in the source tab we allow the user to write anything he wants, we just save the file like it iswe don't want to convert file to an older version
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    Hello, thank you for your reply.If this is the case, which xsd would the saved source need to conform to upon saving from the source tab? Latest, or the selected legacy jrxml version?Also, what happens when I preview an unsaved JRXML file? Does that trigger the compatibility check? Should it?Thank you
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