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  • JSS should ship with Vertica 6.0 driver

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    JSS should ship with the Vertica 6.0 driver.


    First there is the legal question. HP/Vertica wants us to ship their driver. So we know it's OK from that side. But... it's a closed source .jar file. Is this compatible with JSS Community Edition?


    Second, there are 2 parts to updating JSS to include the current Vertica driver.

    1. Update the list of driver class files.

    older JDBC driver: com.vertica.driver

    current JDBC driver: com.vertica.jdbc.Driver (started with v5.1, unchanged in v6.0 and v6.1 and expected to remain unchanged for a very long time)

    JSS should list ONLY com.vertica.jdbc.Driver. The class without "jdbc" in it is deprecated and should not be used.


    2. Include the .jar file.

    I hope we can do this in the community version.

    If we cannot include this in the community version, then we should still include the updated driver in the commercial edition of JSS.


    The driver is available internally at Jaspersoft here:



    (If you guys can update iReport as well... that would be great.)

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    Matt, there should be no issue to include the Vertica driver, since our JSS CE is based on the EPL license. Therefore, I will notify this request to Giulio and the rest of the team.
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    Attached the v6.0.1 driver here. Vertica only provides the most current driver on their downloads web page. To get other version, the user has to contact Vertica directly.
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