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  • Studio can't automatically find the server publishing path anymore.

    Assigned User Massimo Rabbi
    CategoryEnhancement request
    ResolutionUnable to Reproduce

    On older versions of Studio, after you publish a report to server for the first time, on subsequent publishing you didn't need to navigate the entire path for the report on the server. The Studio publishing wizard would have the path already selected for you. Which was a time saver because depending on the server folder hierarchy it could save lots of clicks. Also, it prevented the overriding of the wrong report by mistake.


    Recent versions of Studio are unable to select the publishing path automatically. It will always start from the root of server. This makes the "auto publish" feature (when you modify and save a report) a pain to use.

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    Hi I see you are probably using a very old version of JSS, since the bug is mentioning 6.14.0.I just tried to reproduce your issue with a 6.19.0 installation and I was not able to.Please give it a look at the following screencast: https://sourceforge.net/projects/jasperstudio/files/DevelopersInfo/BugAttachments/Bug13946/I will close the bug for now, just in case re-open it attaching a screencast from your side illustrating the issue. Try to use one of the latest versions. Please check also for possible errors in the log file.Thanks in advance.Best regards,Massimo.
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