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  • SQL query editor dialog not opening

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    SQL query editor pop-up window is not showing up when I click the Editor button when in Designer view. It seems to be opening up in another window but I can't see any other window open. I can't click any other button when this happens. I have to click 'Esc'. Thanks.

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    Hi, I see that you marked JSS version as 5.6.0. This is very old. I'm not even sure which OS you are in. But I suppose Windows. That said it should be better for you to move forward to one of the latest version.Not sure why the dialog is not visible.Some options you can try to see it back:- restore the perspective right clicking on the JR icon on the top right corner- backup your existing JaspersoftWorkspace that is usually located in the home directory, then delete the folder and verify that the dialog can be opened correctly. You can later re-import your previously backup projects for the old workspace. You might need to apply back some settings you manually did in the Preferences.- instead of deleting the current workspace folder you might want to try the "Switch Workspace" from the File menu. You can choose a new working area. From there as mentioned in the point above you can re-import old projects.I gave a quick try with a Windows 10 VM installing JSS 5.6.0 but I had no problems at all with Dataset & Query dialog. Everytime it opens in the center of the screen with its predefined size.Best regards,Massimo.
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