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  • Password with special characters causing 401 unauthorized error

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    This bug apply to both standalone Jaspersoft Studio and Jaspersoft Studio plugin for Eclipse, as the bug happen on both.


    Standalone JasperSoft Studio version: 6.15.0.final.

    JasperSoft Studio eclipse plugin version: 6.15.0.final.


    Sample passwords that will work:

    1. jasper123456

    2. tibco1234


    Sample passwords that cause error:

    1. J@sper7890

    2. Tibco@2020


    Steps to reproduce:


    1. Either install a new instance of JasperReports Server, or use the existing. Use version 7.5 or 7.8.

    2. On JasperReports server, create a new user account, set a password that does not have any special characters.

    3. Install standalone of JasperSoft Studio, or install the Jaspersoft Studio plugin for Eclipse.

    4. Create an empty workspace for testing purpose.

    5. In Jaspersoft Studio, create a JasperReports Server connection.

    6. Enter the server connection information including URL, username, password, etc.

    7. Test the connection. It will works.

    8. On JasperReports server, change the user password to include special characters (e.g. '@', '#', etc).

    9. In JasperSoft Studio, edit the JasperReports Server connection to use the new password.

    10. Test the connection again. It will show an error with status code 401 and reason phase 401.


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