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  • resourceBundle updated wrongly after publishing to JasperReports Server

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    Component: 6890

    I'm taking advantage of the internationalition feature using .properties files.

    My report executes a plsql procedure and calls a subreport in the No Data band. The subreport executes a simple query against Oracle database. I have 4 .properties files:

    - internationalization.properties

    - internationalization_en_EN.properties

    - internationalization_en_GB.properties

    - internationalization_it_IT.properties

    I'm setting in TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio the report attribute resourceBundle="/Resources/internationalization"

    Once I pubbliched both subreport and report to JasperReports Server I realized that in the report configuration on the server the same attribute is saved as resourceBundle="/reports/STGHR/BODIES/CORSI_CATALOGO_files/internationalization_it_IT" instead of "/reports/STGHR/BODIES/CORSI_CATALOGO_files/internationalization" . This compromises the internationalization feature and forces me to correct manually each report using the browser user interface. I'm using TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio 6.13.0 - Visual Designer for JasperReports 6.13.0 and Jaspersoft Server version 7.


    At your disposal for any further information.


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