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  • Multi field column not editable

    Marcus W
    Assigned User giulio
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    Component: 9019
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    Sometimes we need crosstabs which have more than one field in a column in horizontal order. It is not possible to create such structure, just using the JasperStudio GUI. However such constructions are allowed by the XML schema. If we are creating such XML manually, they are correctly displayed by JasperStudio Editor. But if you want to change the size of this column, the crosstab gets broken.


    Would it be possible to introduce the functionality in JasperStudio Editor to create several horizontal fields in a column or at least fix the bug which breaks the crosstab when resizing a column containing horizontal fields in manually created XML?



    - crosstab.jrxml to reproduce this bug (It's not made for executing this report.)

    - crosstab1.png: screenshot of crosstab (ok)

    - crosstab2.png: preparing to resize column (still ok)

    - crosstab3.png: now sizes of fields are broken (not ok)



    Attachments: xdev-4374_crosstab.zip

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    Hi Marcus, as you may have seen, in order to facilitate the positioning of elements inside a cell, so they fully fill the cell content automatically, we use what we call Layouts, which are nothing else than a way to "auto size" at the design time the elements contained inside a cell (but layouts can also be used for frames, bands and whatever in JasperReports represents an elements' container).In order to pick a more appropriate layout for your crosstab cells, you can select the cell (or any other container) and in the properties view select a different layout. If you don't want the help of Studio at all, just pick the Free Layout.
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