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  • Jaspersoft Studio cannot connect to Jaspersoft Server. com.jaspersoft.studio.hibernate.HibernateActivator cannot be found by.......

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    Jaspersoft Studio version: 6.9.0.

    Jaspersoft Server version: 7.2


    In Jaspersoft Studio, I had created a server connection. But, when I try to connect, an error was occurred.


    Attached here with the screenshot.


    The steps to reproduce are just simple. In Jaspersoft Studio 6.9.0, create a connection to the Jaspersoft Server and then connect to it, you will see the error.


    In later comments, I will attach the exception message I saw in error dialog, and Jaspersoft Studio log file.


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    Hi, there was an issue with the "exported packages" in the runtime section of the MANIFEST.MF for the plugin.xml of the Hibernate plugin. It is now fixed on the master.Best regards,Massimo.
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