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  • Changes reversed when change report tab folder

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    Component: 34266
    ResolutionUnable to Reproduce

    This is actually in version 6.8.0 but is not an option in the drop down.


    See video. I make changes in the first report (PODLeftSide.jrxml). Then I open another subreport from the repository. When returning back to my previous report then all changes are undone and it is reverted back to the state I started with.


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    I tried to reproduce it with a report and subreport. It works fine for me. Eventually add a sample to be able to reproduce it.
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    It actually still happens. But what I found out in the meantime that it is related with the repository to the jasper server. It looks like if it reverts back to that version that lives on the jasperserver. Like a refresh when you move from one report to the other.

    My method of working around it at the moment is to always publish the changes to the jasperserver (through the repository), regardless if they are correct or not, before switching to another report. Not ideal and sometimes I forget.

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