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  • can't edit the properties Location TOP and LEFT from Static Text

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    the properties are not editable and when auto-adjust doesn't work properly (leaving left =1 or top = 1 and I want them to be ZERO), this needs to be done manually, but the cells are not editable.

    This usually happens when I don't the JRXML, just the Jasper (and this was compiled with an older version, 5.5 o 5.6) and I double click it so JS generates the Jrxml

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    Hi, do you mean the top/left of the padding? With the last version I'm unable to reproduce, can you register a small screencast (with jing or other similar tools) to share? maybe there is some specific step to reproduce it.
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    can you share one of the jasper that for sure trigger the problem? I don't get what is this auto adjust, are you talking about padding or position (you said top and left but the only top and left are in the padding but there is anything like the auto-adjust for the padding, maybe you're talking layout of the element, but the position are x and y and not top and left)? and what are the cells, in your first post we were talking about a static text? cells are something that belong to tables and crosstab elements (and in some case the list element)
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    Please, attach a screenshot, a sample, we have to reproduce somehow the problem.
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