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  • Better visibility of "false" set font attributes

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    There is no visible difference between null and false for font Attributes (bold, italic etc.)

    It tooks me a long time to find out, why my conditional style did not apply. It was because bold was set to false for this specific field and i was not able to see it in the designer.

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    Hi,I suppose you are referring to the properties view of a style.Well there are different place where you can actually see which attributes have been changed. In the "Inheritance" tab you see which element attributes are actually different and you can easily remove them. This means reverting back to the original inherited value.Also in the "Advanced" tab you can actually spot the differences between attributes actually set (i.e false/true) or inherited. Please give a look at the screenshots attached. Moreover if you try to right-click on the buttons setting the text style (i.e bold, italic, etc) you will see the "Set to null" option.Regards,Massimo.
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    Hi Massimo,


    I referring to the properties view of a component (textfield for example), not a style. In the view like style3.png of an textfield, you can't see if the property "bold" is set for this textfield to false. null and false look the same, only true is shown differently. If bold is set to false for a textfield, a conditional style with bold=true did not apply, the bold=false properties of the textfield prevent it. Only when bold of the textfield is set to null, the conditional style apply.




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