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  • Gantt Widget Pro unable to render characters other than plain english while exporting

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    Component: 9728

    Tools Used - JRIO server 7.8.0, Jasper Studio Pro.

    The Gantt Chart - Widget Pro does not render the special characters/ glyphs for any language other than English. The Gantt chart is rendered correctly in the preview section, but when exported as PDF/PPT the special characters get rendered as escaped unicode values. There isn't enough documentation around this, in-spite of buying a commercial license. Any help would be appreciated.

    If this indeed is a bug, kindly acknowledge, so that we can look out for alternatives.

    Attaching a zip file containing the sample JRXML with the properties file for replicating the bug.

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    For my use case, I was using Gantt chart to display the various project stages' start dates, which I was able to achieve using the custom HTML element. Though even that HTML element does not support chinese and japanese characters.




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    Changed Severity from Minor to Major

    I don't understand the manufacturer's slackness, especially when it comes to the professional version. The tool loses a lot due to the lack of such functions.Regards
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