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  • Export format options at the report level

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    Component: 6421
    Specifying available export output formats on a per report basis would be a very useful enhancement in jasper server. Currently, enabling/disabling available export formats is only available on a global level within Jasper Server. However, many report templates/designs are optimized for a particular format. For example, if I optimize a report for Excel output I may want the option to disable PDF export from the users available options. Excel isn't restricted to a particular page size where as PDF is, and a one size fits all approach can compromise overall quality. Another example, quality excel output can take extra effort as any extra space or misaligned fields can add extra rows/columns, but for for HTML output this isn't as much of a concern. Additionally, when users can access export options in unintended formats it may reflect poorly on the report and jasper server as a product.

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