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  • Jasper Server fails to download exported files of size > 9MB

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    Dear All,

    We are experiencing a strange problem when downloading exported reports of 9MB and above, in size.

    This independednt of the export format. We have monitored the interaction between the client (browser) and the server and observed the following;


    The trigger of a report download sends a POST to the server. The server retrieves the data from the database and writes it to the client.

    A GET request whose purpose is not clear, is sent to the server from client (browser). When the report is of a size less than 9MB the GET request ends with 200 status everything is fine.


    But when the report is bigger than 9MB, POST goes, fine but the GET fails resulting into the stack trace attached to this bug report. We can observe that the report data is written to the client, but instead of the report displaying when the download completes, the stack trace is returned as the download.


    It seems like the GET is comming in to early for the bigger reports but that is merely based on what i observe.


    What is the purpose of the GET request?

    Attachments: e1_broker_report.xlsx

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