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  • text.BreakIterator 614

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    I tryed to use a large text field in an report and got always an error with text.BreakIterator line 614.


    After changing the LOCALE from DE to EN the error is gone.

    This must be an very old error. I found an Forum entry without an answer from 2011.


    In Germany we write numbers as 1.100,00 and not like the US 1,00.00.

    Using the correct LOCALE would be nice.


    Are there any configuration options to work around?


    Thanks for help.


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    Hi,Can we see the stack trace of this error you get and maybe a self-contained test case that would help us reproduce it on our side?Thanks,Teodor
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    JS is a part of CMDBuild(.org). There wille be only 3 supported languages (en, it, es). I started with a Germen CentOs. CMDBuild had no locales for JS and delivers a NULL pointer to JS as locale (IMHO).JS checks locales parameters for NULL and throws an exeption - is this right? Better could be the use of a error message or the use of the default locales.I hope this helps. if you take the exception as correct feature - close this. Thanks or your work.
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