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    The error occurs with a JasperReport 7.8 patch level. The functionality of the JasperReport 7.8 patch level was error-free until last week Friday. Since Friday the error is acute. Even as a trained Java programmer and web developer, I can only vomit at the error trace. Sorry for my snide remark at this point. We are trawling through com.jaspersoft.jasperserver...;sun.reflect...;org.springframework.aop...;com.jaspersoft.jasperserver...;org.springframework.webflow...;I can't reproduce the jumbled stuff here;org.apache.catalina...;org.apache.tomcat..org.apache.commons.dhcp...; and 219 others that I can't see any more because the StackTrace would otherwise overflow.


    Please see the complete error message in the uploaded file.


    My problem is that the error is blocking my team who are writing automated test cases for specific reports. So the BUG is a blocker for me.


    For system Facts, see the uploaded file systemfacts.txt


    Attachments: systemfacts.txt

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    I have solved the problem and ask you to close the BUG. The test system is virtualized on two VMs with Windows OS. The network communication of one database needed a little support from the netsh command.

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