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    [ 1529146 ] Default space for users


    Submitted By: Javy Dreamer - javydreamercsw

    Date Submitted: 2006-07-26 10:52

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    I love the schedule option of JasperIntelligence, the only problem is the potential mess that can be created if multiple

    people is scheduling and saving to a

    folder (i.e. pdf). I try to create a default folder for each user to which they are the only user with administer rights

    , besides the system admin of course,

    but it can be tedious when I go to production environment.


    My request is that such a folder is created by default with those rights when you create a user or at least it's an

    available option.


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    We need the personal folder (AKA home or user folder), too. It's just normal workflow to create your own stuff and move it to the public when it's finished.

    The need to create e.g. Ad-hoc-Reports in the public area is not really useful.

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