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  • Apparently empty cells aren't empty, only after a non-empty cell

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    Component: 32401
    ResolutionUnable to Reproduce

    We produce an Excel report with Jasper. One column is defined to be a text field with:


    * Expression: $F{closingDate}

    * Evaluation Time: Now

    * Blank When NULL

    * Strech With Overflow

    * Pattern "dd.MM.yyyy"


    In the model, the 'closingDate' is of type 'java.util.Date' and some values are NULL.


    If you look at the attached file, you'll see something pretty interesting: Apparently empty cells aren't empty until there has been an non-empty cell. This causes formulas to no longer work, as you can't detect whether a cell is empty or not. As it's seen as non-empty, excel tries (and fails) to use that "empty" value for calculations.


    Investigating the underlying XML reveals, that the non-empty empty cells contain a reference to a shared string like so:



    which is defined as:


    Whereas truly empty cells have no tag at all, or (you can test this manually) an empty tag (so no shared string reference).



    Is there anything that I can do about it or is it truly a bug in Jasper?

    Attachments: jasper-bug.xlsx

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    We couldn't reproduce this bug locally. See the attached JRXML file that can be run using a JREmptyDatasource with multiple records.

    If possible, please post your JRXML sample file.

    Thank you,


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    Changed Status from Feedback Requested to Closed

    Hi,We provided a JRXML that works on our side, but did not yet see the JRXML that does not work on your side.Feel free to reopen when you can provide more information.Thanks,Teodor
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