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  • Last Page Footer ignores PrintWhenExpression?

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    1. Create a report that has a page footer (1 page) and a summary (1 page)

    2. Add a Last Page Footer band

    3. Set the PrintWhenExpression for Last Page Footer band to: Boolean.FALSE

    4. Run the report


    Expected Results


    Two pages (the report and the summary).


    Actual Results


    Three pages (report, summary, and last page footer page).


    Work Around


    Use a Detail band instead of Last Page Footer band.

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    Hi,I was not able to reproduce this. Maybe there is some more property that needs to be set, or I did not make the sections the correct size to reproduce this. I always obtained only two pages.Please upload here a JRXML, if you still see this problem.Thank you,Teodor
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