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  • JSON Data adapter query issue

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    Hi Teodor,


    When using the Json Data Adapter, the data query syntax doens't seem to work for accessing header fields in a json data set. Or I'm missing something in the query syntax.


    You will see in the example report attached that all header fields are null when previewing the report in Studio. The fields in the detail band however are working fine.


    When I add header fields in the Studio using the 'add node as field', they are added with the syntax header.customer.id but this doesn't work. I also tried using JSONPath syntax (to access header fields you need to use the syntax $.header.customer.id) but this doesn't work, JSONPath (http://goessner.net/articles/JsonPath/) doesn't seem to be implemented in JsonDataSource.


    If this issue could be solved, this would allow JasperReports to be used for Node.js applications written in JavaScript. I think it will be even possible to incorporate the JasperReports reporting engine as a Node.js module using a Java bridge I came across last week (https://github.com/cesarvr/Ella). As enterprise adoption for Node.js (applications) is growing very rapidly, it would be a great opportunity I think!


    Thanks and kind regards,



    Attachments: test.json

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    In JasperReports Library v6.3.1 we have introduced a new JSON query language (JSONQL) to address the limitations of the existing JSON language. The one you have mentioned is included as well.More info about the language syntax can be found here: http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/sample.reference/jsonqldatasource/index.html#jsonqlPlease note that neither of the newer JSONQL or the previous JSON language is JSONPath-based, despite some similarities in the newer JSONQL.
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