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  • POSTNET barcode support

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    [ 1044604 ] POSTNET barcode support


    Submitted By: Daren O - rckrll106

    Date Submitted: 2004-10-11 07:17

    Last Updated By: gt78 - Comment added

    Date Last Updated: 2004-10-13 02:24

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    Assigned To: Giulio Toffoli

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    POSTNET barcode support


    Can support for POSTNET barcoding be added?


    I know barbeque is the main barcoding package for ireport but iText supports POSTNET. In addition, iText is already package so adding support for this doesn't seem that bad. I'm just not sure if you want to add it to BcImage or not.


    iText has recently added (to a beta - itext-paulo-139.jar) the functionality to return an awt image (for POSTNET). I'm able to return a BufferedImage with a little coding in a script of mine.


    BarcodePostnet iTextPostnet = new BarcodePostnet



    Image image = iTextPostnet.createAwtImage

    (Color.BLACK, Color.WHITE);

    image = new javax.swing.ImageIcon(image).getImage


    java.awt.image.BufferedImage bimage =

    new java.awt.image.BufferedImage(

    (image.getWidth(null) + 20), image.getHeight

    (null), java.awt.image.BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB);


    //we need to offset the barcode image (so the

    leading and trailing bars are not trimmed) by creating a

    rectangle in the background and placing the barcode in

    so many pixels.

    Graphics g = bimage.createGraphics();


    g.fillRect(0, 0, (image.getWidth(null) + 24),


    g.drawImage(image, 12,0, null);



    return bimage;


    - Note, I have only been able to print this image CORRECTLY with jasper by clipping the image. Retain appears correct in the jasper viewer until you print it and then it distorts.




    Date: 2004-10-13 02:24

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    Why don't suggest POSTNET to barbecue ?


    Date: 2004-10-13 02:21

    Sender: gt78SourceForge.net SubscriberProject Admin

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    Why don't suggest POSTNET to barbecue ?


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    Hi,Postnet barcodes are supported through the Barcode4j component in JasperReports library.I hope this helps.Teodor
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