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  • Multi-line horizontal alignment of static text

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    1. Create a static field

    2. Set width to 35px (default font; SansSerif, 10pt)

    3. Optionally, add 0.5px borders

    4. Set text to: Final Letter Grade (no blank lines)

    5. Preview


    Expected Results


    Each line, when wrapped, should be centered within its own line.


    Actual Results


    Each word seems to have its own alignment, which isn't centered per line.


    Work Around


    Create three separate static fields and tweak the vertical alignment such that it gives the appearance of a single text field.


    See attached:


    - text-alignment.png - shows pixel perfect horizontal alignment using three fields inside the editor

    - text-alignment-single-field.png - shows entering the text as a single field (instead of three)

    - text-alignment-misaligned.png - shows how the single field does not perfectly overlap the three individual fields

    - text-alignment-misaligned-preview.png - shows how the single field is misaligned when rendered

    - text-alignment-preview.png - shows pixel perfect output using three fields


    Compare text-alignment-misaligned-preview.png and text-alignment-preview.png to see the alignment issues.


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    Changed Resolution from Works as Designed to Fixed

    Hi,This has actually been solved in the latest JRL 6.12.2 release. The problem was caused by the fact that the blank character after each word was contributing to the length of text and it was thus affecting alignment.Basically, if you were to align the text to the right, the blank char would have been visible as the word did not touch the edge of the element.But this has been fixed while dealing with other paragraph rendering issues in the release.Thank you,Teodor
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