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  • <font size=2> is not smaller than default font.

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    I have some HTML like this I want to display in the report:very small




    very large

    the largestThis displays nice in any browser and shows different font sizes. Now, in Jasper Reports the font size=2 seems to be the "normal" font size. When I explicitely add in the third line, this gets printed bigger. I believe you see these values as absolute values, but according to HTML these are relative values in regard to the "standard" font size. I believe, the font I define for a control should be considered the standard font, and should always relate to font size=3, and the other numbers should be threated relative to it. This is even more important since I want to display the HTML in different contexts, having different base fonts and font sizes. Please fix this (maybe allow me to define a property that I can set to alter the interpretation behavior of these font sizes so existing applications wont break). Or is there another way to specify relative sizing in Jasper?

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