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  • The JRXMLUtils class should set namespaceAware(true) on the documentbuilderfactory

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    The JRXMLUtils class should set namespaceAware(true) on the documentbuilderfactory.

    When this class creates an instance of the JAXP documentbuilderfactory, it must check the jasper property "net.sf.jasperreports.xml.detect.namespaces" introduced in 4.01

    If it is set to true, the namespace aware must be set to true


    This is really needed since I want to use xml datasources with jasper reports AND Ireport . In jasper (command line) it works now fine using XAlan or Jaxen. With IReport however it does not, since the Document objects are constructed without namespace information, and there is no way to set in IReport that it must be like this.

    IReport just passes the file url, and it is Jasper (JRXMLUtils) which constructs the DOM Object without namespace info.

    => Now I hotpatch the jasperreports-4.01.jar file inside IReport with my custom JRXmlUtils class (one line change)





    see also issue http://jasperforge.org/projects/jasperreports/tracker/view.php?id=4500

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    in fact, it should setNamespaceaware() to true if any of the namespace conditions are set

    also with prefix/URI mapping inside jasper reports properties file

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    Each method in JRXmlUtils has been overloaded to take the boolean isNamespaceAware parameter and set it on the documentBuilderFactory. Be aware that the default methods call the overloaded ones with isNamespaceAware set to 'false'.
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