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  • The Form feed String is not interepreted by Jasper Reports as it is done by say MS-Word

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    I have a requirement that in my .jrxml there is one big Text field, and it will run into pages. I am sending a big String with all the Java line feed"\n" and Form feed "\f" strings placed in between appropriately.


    The Jasper Reports is not interpreting the "\f" where Page Break should happen. If I write that big String to a xyz.txt file and open the xyz.txt in MS-Word, it correctly interprets the "\f" and does a page break.


    Please tell me what is that is wrong with my .jrxml and what is that I am missing here.

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    My requirement would be how to ensure a Page Break to Jasper as and when in the DATA Parameter it encounters \f. What all attributes I should use or change for any element like "textField" or "band". I am not sure, if the tag is any use for our requirement.
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