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  • ToolTips not being displayed in PDF and XLS format outputs.

    Assigned User teodord
    CategoryFeature request
    When i give an URL to a particular field , I need the tool tip configured to appear on the output formats PDF and XLS generated.

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    This tracker was created as a result of the discussion here:



    However, we are talking about two problems, although similar.


    You'll need to log two separate trackers for each of them. This is because from the coding perspective, they require modifications in two different places. While we might be able to solve the problems with tooltips in PDF, we might not be able to solve it with XLS, so we won't be able to close any of the trackers. This is why we need to have two.


    But before logging new separate trackers for the two issues you encountered, I encourage you to continue your investigations and leverage the fact that JasperReports is an open source project to which you and people like you can contribute to.


    On the forums, I already saw you have a partial solution to the PDF problem. If successful, that could actually be a patch that you could log here providing the code for others to use or for us to integrate into the main library.


    Maybe there is a solution for XLS too, and if you find it, you could contribute it back to us also in the form of a patch tracker, and not a request for enhancement.


    Like in any open source project, resources are limited, so anybody in a position to help is welcomed.


    I'm closing this now in the hope you could contribute back at least the fix for the PDF issue.


    Thank you,


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