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  • "Blank when null" feature at the report level

    Assigned User teodord
    CategoryFeature request

    Currently we have "blank when null" property at the field level. But this does not help at times when i wish to concatenate the field value to a string as in:

    "Test :" + ${field}

    So we need to have a property at the report level to convert the null to a zero length string or any other string of choice.

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    I don't think it makes sense to have such setting at report level.

    Maybe you have other fields that you would not want to behave the same way.

    So a field level setting would make more sense.


    However, we are not going to make report field declaration more complex than it currently is, by adding new field properties which are not applicable to all types of fields (numeric for example).


    Instead, we are going to make this enhancement part of a list of functions that will be available in expressions. There will probably be a function called blankWhenNull($F{field}), that would help people replace nulls with empty strings without knowing the required Java or Groovy syntax.


    Thank you,


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