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  • Groovy, the possibility of using a block of code in the report expressions

    Assigned User lucianc
    CategoryFeature request

    As the `return' is optional in the Groovy language would be convenient to add the ability to use blocks of code in the report expressions. I attached modified method




    with this modification I can do something like:


    </p><p> def row = (4 * $F{dep_rank} - 1) + $F{service_rn}</p><p> def qCol = (char)((((int)(char)'A') - 1) + 4)</p><p> def dCol = (char)((((int)(char)'A') - 1) + 5)</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p> "IF($dCol$row > 0, $qCol$row / $dCol$row, 0)"</p><p>

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    Similarly, how will Java 7 closures be supported ad-hoc by JR, as the reference JDK is going to be released soon ?


    We can suppose that the binary format of .class files will change ?

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