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    The ant build file should have some help. Usually:


    ant help


    Or just:




    Would show how to compile the distribution, documentation, supporting libraries, and such.

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    I don't find "ant -p" verbose enough. Consider:


    $ ant -p

    Buildfile: build.xml


    Compiles the JiGo suite.


    Main targets:


    clean Remove classes and API documentation.

    designer JiGo Designer

    guesser JiGo Guesser

    highlight Demo: Highlighted Goban

    presenter JiGo Presenter

    random Demo: Random Player

    replayer JiGo Replayer

    simple Demo: Simple Goban

    Default target: help


    $ ant help

    Buildfile: build.xml



    [echo] all - Build all JiGo programs

    [echo] guesser - Build JiGo Guesser

    [echo] presenter - Build JiGo Presenter

    [echo] replayer - Build JiGo Replayer

    [echo] highlight - Build Demo: Higlighted Goban

    [echo] random - Build Demo: Random Player

    [echo] simple - Build Demo: Simple Goban

    [echo] doc - Build JiGo API Documentation



    Total time: 0 seconds


    Feel free to close this.

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    I'm closing this because I think the existing readme.txt file present in the same folder already contains the required documentation.


    Thank you,


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