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    I would like to suggest a change in the resizing behaviour of the page footer.


    I understand that the footer height is fixed by design. My guess is that this is to avoid problems with filling the report, since you can't know when to switch pages if the footer size is not determined upfront.


    However, I guess this is not a problem as long as the footer size can be determined before the page filling starts.


    In the use case that triggered this request, this would be possible: my users are organizers of sports meetings. Some of them want to have the possibility to put the logo's of their sponsors in the footer of the reports. The logo size can vary and if there are no logo's the footer should be smaller.

    Since the logo image(s) can be passed as parameter to the report and they are not changed during the rendering of the report, the footer size can be determined once at the beginning.

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    If the sponsor data does not take more than one page, maybe you can group by sponsor and put the logo in the group footer, while using the new attribute footerPosition="StackAtBottom".

    This way, the group footer will actually behave like a page footer.


    This would not work if the sponsor group spreads across several pages. The middle pages would not have a footer, hence no logo.


    I hope this helps.



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    Hi Teodor,


    In my case this is no solution.

    To ensure that the logo's appear on each page, I would have to include a group that is triggered with each detail.

    This would disturb the behaviour of the other groups in the reports.


    Best regards,


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    Your assumption about why we need to know the page footer size is correct. However, anticipating the page footer size has so great implications into the engine, that I can tell you right now this will never be done (unless we see this quite a commong request, which up to now it is not).


    So I'm closing this, just so that you don't remain in expectation about it actually being solved one day.


    Thank you,


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