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  • Endless loop if textfield in summary too big

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    I created a report. It contains a textfield "arrangementIncludes1". In my report setup i run into an endless loop while filling the subreport.


    I created a quickstart project with my report and a test for reproduction. After some time (with my cpu approx. 3 min 45) the java heap space is over.


    I would like to change the report layout to fix this. But if impossible an exception thrown would be better then the endless loop.

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    The engine cannot raise an exception about infinite loops, because this is an undetectable runtime condition that depends on the actual data that is fed into the report, combined with a report design inconsistency.


    I your case, can you explain why you have used isPrintWhenDetailOverflows="true" for all your text fields in the summary?


    I suspect you have long texts displaying in the summary, which cause the summary to split across two pages. When doing so, you request your summary text fields to start again, in case they exhausted their content already on the previous page. This causes the summary to stretch even further and cause a page break again, and again, and again.


    Please reconsider your use of isPrintWhenDetailOverflows.


    Thank you,



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    Thanks Teodor,


    i moved all isPrintWhenDetailOverflows flags of my summary to false. Report looks fine - with long texts to.


    I misunderstood the meaning of this flag. The text comes from db an is user-editable. So i can't say how long it can become. So i decided to design the textfield for a nice height and set the isPrintWhenDetailOverflows flag to guarantee that whole text is printed. But it is working without it to.


    For me this is solved.




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