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  • DOCX: Flexible table row height

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    Follow up to ID 0004090. The new DOCX exporter provides tables with the text as payload instead of frames. This allows to a certain level the generation of letters. These letters can be changed somewhat by office workers. Simple text changes (correct typos) possible.


    Two problems occur:

    1. Table cells have fixed height. This requires office workers to resize continuously the table if they change the text.

    2. Page header and footer band occur in page flow and move for instance the page number to another page if text is changed too much.


    Remaining needs for the generation of letters:

    1. Give table cells autoheight, for instance when "stretch with overflow" is enabled.

    2. Contents of page header and page footer band are placed in DOCX as header/footer with correct height.


    No compatibility issues have been identified by these functional changes.

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    The RTF exporter does not comply with the two above mentioned requirements either. So there might be some other reason for which you have not yet switched to DOCX.


    In any case, the issue number #1 was solved and committed to SVN, it will be part of the next release.


    commit -m "dynamic row height in docx" C:/Programs/eclipse/workspace/jasperreports/src/net/sf/jasperreports/engine/export/ooxml/TableHelper.java

    Sending workspace/jasperreports/src/net/sf/jasperreports/engine/export/ooxml/TableHelper.java

    Transmitting file data ...

    Committed revision 3069.


    I took the liberty and created a separate tracker for the remaining #2 issue, so that we can close this one here. For the current tracker I have only changed the summary, to reflect what has been fixed.


    Please vote or add comments to the following issue:



    Thank you,



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