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  • Automatic altering height of band LastPagerFooter like Summary band

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    I would like request for a feature for the LastPagerFooter band when it becomes overflowed. It does not adjust its height to inner report elements. In the case LastPagerFooter becomes overflowed there should be an attribute that when it is set to true adjusts the height according the inner report elements like it does the Summary band. I guess it means not much expense to implement it but it would be very useful for nearly every kind of report.

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    The page footer bands are fixed size bands. They never stretch.

    It is like this "by design" and we are not going to change this.


    The page footers have to be of fixed size, because if they stretch, they might overflow. Overflowing page footers do not make any sense to us, because on the next page, the footer would have to print again, overflowing again. And again and again and again...


    You have to give more details about what you need to achieve.

    If you already talked about this on the forums, give the link to the forums thread as a reference here.


    Thank you,



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    Hi Teodor,


    thank you very much for your response.


    My idea behind this request was not a page footer that becomes broken to a further page. In this case I would not see that is a page footer. Instead I mean the page footer should become stretched in direction to the top of the page till there is no space anymore.


    This functionality is available in many reports engine like Crystal Reports or BIRT and I have to say I was surprised that it is not there in Jasper report engine.


    From our site there is a clearly need for this kind of function, we need to provide many kind of reports and I cannot imagine that there is no need from others who need a more sophisticated report engine.


    Thanks for your attention


    Best regards


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    Hi, Roland


    I think your request is related to this other RFE that we track here:



    I think what you need is not the last footer section. You actually need to use the page footer of a dummy group that breaks only once per reports and hence its footer appears only once at the end of the report, just like the summary does.


    However, just as tracker 4057 requests, you would want this group footer to appear at the bottom of the page, and thus behave like a page footer.


    If you agree, then I would mark this request as related to 4057 and continue to track that one, as we plan to solve it soon.


    Thank you,


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